Why Properties4Gays? 

…quite simply in order to share a personal experience

In 2013, my boyfriend and I emigrated to Costa Blanca, Spain. Prior to this move, we had been living under a registered partnership (roughly equivalent to the French PACS) in Switzerland. In 2015, we realised that our financial future would be better protected in case of death if we were married. What a strange idea to marry like everyone else…The day of the civil wedding, the officiant gave a short speech about fidelity and the importance of caring for our partner and ensuring our children were well educated. I was thinking to myself that the poor guy had picked up the wrong speech when I suddenly realised that we were now living in a country far more advanced in terms of rights for the LGBT community.

As a gay man, I have always felt very much at ease and respected in the Costa Blanca region. There is a huge diversity in terms of nationalities, which promotes tolerance and conviviality. While the region (Torrevieja and surroundings) may not have the most exciting gay night life, one need only go a few kilometres away – to cities like Elche, Alicante, Murcia or Benidorm – to find a thriving gay night scene.

If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle and want to enjoy beautiful beaches (including some nude and cruising beaches), Costa Blanca is made for you. If on top of that you like to play golf and enjoy the best climate in Europe (320 days of sun a year), don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

A few key points!As mentioned earlier, marriage rights for all is written in the Spanish Constitution and very well accepted by the population. If you are residing in Spain, you can get married and adopt children. Lesbian couples can request in vitro fertilization (IVF) with an identified or anonymous donor. In fact, women from all over Europe come to Spain for IVF given the exceptional skill of local doctors.

The Valencia area is at the top in terms of legal protection for the LGBT community. For example, if a teenager declares himself or herself to be transgender, the school must implement an accompanying protocol for him/her as well as the family to enable an optimal transition process.

Health is important

In the Torrevieja region, we are fortunate to enjoy outstanding hospital services.

For those having a European social security card, the Torrevieja university hospital is one of the most modern (only private rooms) in the region. This public hospital is privately managed. For those with private insurance, the Quiron hospital belongs to a top quality national hospital group. It offers a wide range of advanced specialisations and treatments. The IMED group is also present in Torrevieja.


Whether it is surf, jet-ski, kitesurf or simply running by the sea, you will enjoy a wonderful climate and pure air.

For golf fans, no less than 5 top quality golf courses are available within a radius of a few kilometres and at a very reasonable cost.

A concert hall for classical music, inspired by Berlin’s famous classical music venue, is located in Torrevieja. Concerts and musicals such as Cabaret, The Lion King or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert are shown regularly in theatres in the cities of Elche, Alicante or Murcia.

Every year, the Saint Javier Jazz Festival attracts many attendees and exceptional artists, such as George Benson in 2017. If you prefer other activities, you will be overwhelmed with choice: yoga, Pilates or biodanza are only a few examples.

To sum it up: The Costa Blanca is the perfect place to enjoy life to the full.

Why buy your new property with us?

We only sell new properties, built according to European norms, located on the best sites. You will be accompanied by a gay or LGBT-friendly person who speaks your language throughout the process. Our priority is that you feel at ease during the home-buying process.